Baumann Windows is the Authorized Distributor and Installer for Simonton Windows in Lakewood.

March 29, 2021

Baumann Windows is the Authorized Distributor and Installer for Simonton Windows in Lakewood.

Baumann Windows Simonton prides itself on being a trusted replacement window manufacturer. They offer high-quality energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors that can be custom-made for any home. The company was first started back in 1946 and has been providing top-quality windows ever since. In 2020, their windows received the recognition of being the “Highest in overall quality” by Builders Magazine. The first question that people ask is if Simonton Windows are of good quality. Throughout the years, Simonton has proven that they are a company that can build long-lasting windows. To cite an example, their double-hung window received the distinction of being the best “quality and performance” among vinyl windows back in 2017.

Besides durability, Simonton windows are also energy efficient. They have partnered with Energy Star in order to produce windows that are extremely energy efficient which means these windows have been optimized when it comes to regulating interior temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Their windows also have excellent weather resistance to minimize leaks and drafts. Simonton Windows is also completely customizable so homeowners can really make their windows “their own.”

And then there is the fact that Simonton Windows have a reliable warranty system that allows customers to have full control of their situation. Even if customers bought their house with existing Simonton Windows, the original owner can easily transfer the warranty under the new owner of the property. And speaking of property, homeowners can also expect their property to increase in value because of these windows not just because these windows are made to last, it also has features such as noise reduction and UV protection. These windows are equipped with heavy-duty insulated glass which can dramatically reduce any exterior noise from getting inside the house. Its UV protection capabilities ensure that residents, as well as their furniture, are protected against sun damage.

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Baumann Windows Installs Premium Egress Windows in Lakewood, Colorado, with a Competent and Skilled Crew.

March 24, 2021
Homes in many states are mandated by law to have egress windows installed in certain areas of the house. For Lakewood, Colorado residents looking to install egress windows, they can turn to Baumann Windows, the leading expert when it comes to windows and doors installation.

Baumann Windows is the number one expert when it comes to windows and doors installation within the Lakewood, Colorado area. They typically handle window and exterior door installation and replacement. Most of their projects are residential spaces but they also have extensive experience when it comes to commercial windows and door installation. They are certified in lead-safe practices and are proud to call themselves an eco-friendly company since all their materials can be recycled or reused. They prioritize customer satisfaction more than anything else. They strive not only to deliver a professional experience, but they also work to make it a pleasant one. This one reason why many of their customers are returning ones. The work that they do is known to be durable and long-lasting and all the products they carry have been manufactured by the leading companies in the industry.

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Lakewood residents looking for top-quality Egress Windows can turn to Baumann Windows. They can install these types of windows, ensuring that any home follows the mandatory rules when it comes to Egress window installation. All Baumann crew have been trained to do the installation properly. Egress windows are window types that can be used as exits during an emergency. Should a fire or flood take place and the residents need to get out of the house quickly, they can use the window to evacuate the building. The United States has made Egress windows legal requirements in livable areas of the house like bedrooms.

Besides serving as an emergency exit, Egress Windows offer many benefits. These are typically large and expansive which allows more natural light to filter in. The type of Egress windows that Baumann Windows offer can be made in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the overall design of the house. These windows also help ensure proper air circulation inside the house making climate control run more efficiently. And more importantly, Egress windows are excellent at ensuring the safety of everyone who lives in the house. Should an emergency take place, residents can rest easy knowing they can get out quickly and safely. With Baumann Windows’ help, egress windows can be installed properly following proper safety instructions.