Baumann Windows is the leading provider and installer of Milgard Windows in Lakewood, Colorado.

April 27, 2021

Baumann Windows is the leading provider and installer of Milgard Windows in Lakewood, Colorado.

Anyone living in Lakewood, Colorado might have come across the question of which type of window to install in their home. Admittedly, there are many to choose from. They can choose the very high-end ones that are made from the best materials available. Or, they can go for something affordable yet equally efficient. But according to Baumann Windows, choosing Milgard Windows is an excellent middle ground between high-quality windows that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

Milgard Baumann Windows has been providing excellent products for over 50 years. Throughout that time, they’ve had many chances to work with experts as well as listen to customer feedback to improve the quality of their product. The kinds of windows they offer now are the result of years of testing, innovative product design, and research to create one of the best windows in the US. Milgard Windows have received commendation from many organizations. They hold the “Best Quality Vinyl Window” as well as the “Most Used Vinyl Window” awards given by Builder Magazine. And to top it all up, they’ve managed to win these awards a total of 9 times.

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But no matter how much a product receives praised from different publications and organizations, the ultimate test lies after installation. It is here the customers not only see but experience the pros and cons of the windows. Milgard Windows is no exception. But unlike other products, the feedback that Milgard Windows gets from customers only solidifies the idea that it is a truly superior product. Americans are very patriotic and so having a product that is designed and assembled in the US is going to turn a lot of heads. Not only that, the fact that Milgard Windows offer a lifetime and transferrable warranty means homeowners never have to stress about them at all. And with so many varieties to choose from, Milgard Windows is sure to have something to fit everyone’s unique taste and style.

Milgard Windows have three very popular styles of windows. There is a single-hung window. These are simple in design and allow natural light to filter inside. Double-hung windows offer more ventilation. This is perfect for open-floor houses. Horizontal sliders, on the other hand, are simple in design and allow one to move the panels horizontally.

Baumann Windows is the Authorized Distributor and Installer for Simonton Windows in Lakewood.

March 29, 2021

Baumann Windows is the Authorized Distributor and Installer for Simonton Windows in Lakewood.

Baumann Windows Simonton prides itself on being a trusted replacement window manufacturer. They offer high-quality energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors that can be custom-made for any home. The company was first started back in 1946 and has been providing top-quality windows ever since. In 2020, their windows received the recognition of being the “Highest in overall quality” by Builders Magazine. The first question that people ask is if Simonton Windows are of good quality. Throughout the years, Simonton has proven that they are a company that can build long-lasting windows. To cite an example, their double-hung window received the distinction of being the best “quality and performance” among vinyl windows back in 2017.

Besides durability, Simonton windows are also energy efficient. They have partnered with Energy Star in order to produce windows that are extremely energy efficient which means these windows have been optimized when it comes to regulating interior temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Their windows also have excellent weather resistance to minimize leaks and drafts. Simonton Windows is also completely customizable so homeowners can really make their windows “their own.”

And then there is the fact that Simonton Windows have a reliable warranty system that allows customers to have full control of their situation. Even if customers bought their house with existing Simonton Windows, the original owner can easily transfer the warranty under the new owner of the property. And speaking of property, homeowners can also expect their property to increase in value because of these windows not just because these windows are made to last, it also has features such as noise reduction and UV protection. These windows are equipped with heavy-duty insulated glass which can dramatically reduce any exterior noise from getting inside the house. Its UV protection capabilities ensure that residents, as well as their furniture, are protected against sun damage.

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Baumann Windows Installs Premium Egress Windows in Lakewood, Colorado, with a Competent and Skilled Crew.

March 24, 2021
Homes in many states are mandated by law to have egress windows installed in certain areas of the house. For Lakewood, Colorado residents looking to install egress windows, they can turn to Baumann Windows, the leading expert when it comes to windows and doors installation.

Baumann Windows is the number one expert when it comes to windows and doors installation within the Lakewood, Colorado area. They typically handle window and exterior door installation and replacement. Most of their projects are residential spaces but they also have extensive experience when it comes to commercial windows and door installation. They are certified in lead-safe practices and are proud to call themselves an eco-friendly company since all their materials can be recycled or reused. They prioritize customer satisfaction more than anything else. They strive not only to deliver a professional experience, but they also work to make it a pleasant one. This one reason why many of their customers are returning ones. The work that they do is known to be durable and long-lasting and all the products they carry have been manufactured by the leading companies in the industry.

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Lakewood residents looking for top-quality Egress Windows can turn to Baumann Windows. They can install these types of windows, ensuring that any home follows the mandatory rules when it comes to Egress window installation. All Baumann crew have been trained to do the installation properly. Egress windows are window types that can be used as exits during an emergency. Should a fire or flood take place and the residents need to get out of the house quickly, they can use the window to evacuate the building. The United States has made Egress windows legal requirements in livable areas of the house like bedrooms.

Besides serving as an emergency exit, Egress Windows offer many benefits. These are typically large and expansive which allows more natural light to filter in. The type of Egress windows that Baumann Windows offer can be made in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the overall design of the house. These windows also help ensure proper air circulation inside the house making climate control run more efficiently. And more importantly, Egress windows are excellent at ensuring the safety of everyone who lives in the house. Should an emergency take place, residents can rest easy knowing they can get out quickly and safely. With Baumann Windows’ help, egress windows can be installed properly following proper safety instructions.

Are Simonton Windows Worth it in Lakewood, Colorado?

February 16, 2021

Are Simonton Windows Worth it in Lakewood, Colorado?

If you live in Lakewood, Colorado, Simonton Windows may be the best alternative to vinyl windows. We’ve found that our customers at Baumann’s Windows (Tom Baumann Enterprises inc) absolutely love the benefits that they reek from Simonton Windows and today we’re going to discuss this in further detail.

Are Simonton Windows Good Quality?

A common question that is asked, are Simonton Windows good quality? Of course, we’re are going to say they are, but let me explain why.

The company Simonton was founded back in 1946 and has been providing good quality windows since day one. In 2020 their windows were voted “Highest in overall quality” by Builders magazine, this just happens to be the sixth year they’ve been voted for this reward. 1000’s of U.S builders and contactors (including us!) prefer to use these windows in their projects. Apart from the “Highest in overall quality” reward from Builder magazine, they also have other rewards dating back yearly to 1999.

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Windows Constructed to Last – Continuously over the years, Simonton has proved that they can build long-lasting windows. Their constant production of high-quality windows has been established by many people in the US. Especially their double-hung window, this window got its own achievement back in 2017 for being the best “Quality and Performance” vinyl window by the Remodelling magazine.

Energy Star – Simonton Windows has partnered up with Energy Star to produce windows that are energy efficient. Being Energy Star regulated means that they are optimized for keeping the temperature inside the house. For instance, if it’s cold outside it’ll keep the heat in. They also have outstanding weather resistance that reduces the chances of leaking and drafts.

Great Warranty – They have a very easy warranty system, allow the customers to have full control of the situation. Even if your house had Simonton Windows before you purchased it, the original owner can transfer the warranty to your name. Most Simonton Windows have a 10 years warranty, but void warranty over any damage done by pets.

Completely customizable – Simonton Windows offers a “make your own” fully customizable window services to suit all your needs. Sometimes, their stock windows just aren’t what you’re looking for. With this feature, you’ll always be able to find good quality windows which suit your home.

Property value – You may think replacing your windows comes across as expensive. However, most of the costs can be redeemed in the increase of property value. It’s been said by the Remodelling Magazine that you’ll be able to recover 73% of the original costs due to the added value of your property.

Reduced Noise – There nothing more annoying than waking up to construction noise outside of your house, I’m sure you can agree. Simonton Windows have heavy-duty insulated glass which dramatically reduces the noise which can come through them.

UV protection – UV can damage furniture and flooring if you haven’t got the correct grade of glass. Simonton Windows are supplied with Low E glass, this glass can reduce the chances of UV rays being exposed to your furniture and floor.

Safety – Knowing that your safe inside your house is extremely important. These windows have gone through a series of expert testing to ensure that intruders won’t have an easy time trying to get it.

Types of Windows Simonton Offer

Simonton Windows offer an array of great looking windows which are suitable for all locations. If you’re looking for a specific type of window, Simonton will have it.

First is the double-hung window, this is a popular choice for all houses and business blocks. They have two moveable panels which slide up and down, this is great as it provides two areas of ventilation making them perfect for them hot summer days.

Following from the double-hung window is the single-hung window this shares similar properties to the above. However, instead of the two panels being movable you’ll have one fixed panel (normally the top one) and one moveable.

The next window type Simonton offers is their slider windows or often referred to as gliding windows. These are similar to the “hung” windows by there flipped horizontally. This window will allow you to slide two panels either left or right.

Moving onto Casement Windows, Casement windows were the earliest form of movable window. This invention allowed people to get air ventilation and heat protection from a window. Typically, you see these in most houses and they’re the type of window that has a simple lock and opens outwards.

Next are awning windows, these are great for airflow and are hinged at the top. These windows are specially designed to open outwards and are suitable for pretty much any traditional home. They’re extremely durable and energy-efficient.

A Bay or Bow Window is probably one of the more visually pleasing windows they have to offer. Windows are angled and joined to form an outwards concave. It’s typically made from three sections, two side panels which are “mini” single hung windows and a middle panel which is a fixed piece of glass.

If you’re wanting a simple window to light up a room with natural light, then their picture window is just what you’re after. This is just a straightforward piece of glass mounted in a PVC frame, they look basic but can really benefit a room by inviting more light into it. You’ll be able to choose between a variety of different colors, sizes and shapes depending on your needs.

Getting into the peculiar shapes and these are the geometric windows. We love these windows as they invite natural light into your home in an architectural way. They come in many different geometric shapes such as half-round, eyebrow, quarter-round, circle, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, oval, triangle, trapezoid and gothic.

If you’re a garden lover, you’ll enjoy their garden windows. They work great above kitchen sinks that look over your garden. They provide a small ledge on which you can put photos, flowers or décor on.

Egress Windows – Perks and Installation in Lakewood, Colorado

February 16, 2021

Egress Windows – Perks and Installation in Lakewood, Colorado

Looking for someone to install Egress windows? Or want to find out more about them? Great, Baumann’s Windows (Tom Baumann Enterprises inc) which is located in Lakewood, Colorado aspires to assist you with just that. If you’re a new homeowner or a veteran, this company specializes in the installation of Egress windows making sure you’re legally following the mandatory rules and keeping safe.

What is an Egress Window and do I need one?

If you’re a new homeowner, you’re probably wondering what an Egress window is. An Egress window is commonly known as an “exit” and is used in case of emergencies. If an emergency happens, such as a fire or flood the Egress window will allow people to easily exit or enter

Do you need an Egress window? Since 1997 the US has made it a legal requirement to install Egress windows into every liveable area of the house, such as bedrooms. If the areas of your house that are considered liveable don’t have an Egress window, an inspection team will deem it as unsafe and a fire trap.

Benefits of Egress Windows

Although Egress windows are a legal obligation, they can naturally give you some benefits depending on where they’re installed. For example, you are legally required to install an Egress window in a basement. Doing this will allow the flow of natural light into it, turning a normally dark room into a well functional and naturally lighted area. But what are the other benefits?

Visually pleasing – You should never be put off by investing in an Egress window, although it may seem daunting getting one. Baumann’s Windows (Tom Baumann Enterprises inc) offers a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and much more that is available upon request.

Air Circulation – As you know, basements have little to no space for windows. This is where an Egress window come in hand, it’ll be installed by making an opening just outside of the basement. Allowing natural light and air to flow through it. Having fresh air circulating through your basement is important to minimize the chances of mold and condensation.

Natural lighting – The fantastic thing about Egress windows is that they are large enough to let substantial volumes of daylight into any space, including basements. Natural lighting is particularly important for reducing the production of bacteria in a room, without sunlight bacteria can grow substantially. It also has some welfare benefits, including an improvement in your immune system.

Safety – Keeping your family safe is important and an Egress window does just that. As mentioned above, this type of window is considered an exit. An exit that can be used in life-threatening situations, such as fires or flooding. Installing these will ensure that your family member is safe, no matter what room they are in at the house.

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Different Types of Egress Windows

There are many types of Egress windows and it depends on where you want it installed and how you want it to operate.

The first I’d like to mention is a tilt and turn Egress window, this is the most unique and has the best functionality. A tilt and turn window (as mentioned in the name) can open in two ways. It can open like a normal casement window and can additionally be tilted inwards. We love the functionality of this window, as either opening allows for great air circulation without putting yourself or anyone else in danger.

Next, is a not so common type of Egress window. This is the skylight Egress window, It can allow an enormous amount of light in without ruining the aesthetically pleasing vibe of a room. Making sure your Egress window follows the regulations is important, a skylight Egress window needs to be at least 44 inches from the floor and 20 inches wide by 24 inches high (or more) to be considered an exit/entry route.

Now back onto a more common window type and this the single-hung Egress window. This window easily allows you to get natural ventilation to a basement. It also swings in effortlessly allowing this to be the perfect emergency exit if it was to arise. Such as a fire or a flood.

The next Egress window I want to talk about is the double-hung Egress window. If you’re wanting an Egress window like this one, just know that to fulfill the legal requirements for this window to be classed as an Egress window it has to be rather large. For a double-hung window to be considered an Egress, you’ll have to get one around 28-60 inches wide and 23.5-60 inches high.

Lastly, is the Awning Egress window. Not many people have this as an Egress window as it’s not appropriate for basements and only for ground or above floors. This is because awning windows are hinged on the top and open outwards from the bottom.

Is It a Legal Requirement to Have an Egress Window?

I’ve mentioned a few times throughout the article that Egress is a legal requirement. But why? An Egress window acts like an emergency exit allowing people to escape or enter. In the USA they require you to fit Egress windows in each liveable area of the house, such as bedrooms, basements, etc.

The size of an Egress window in the state of Colorado is mandatory to be at least 20 inches wide by 24 increase in height. It must also have a minimum clearance area of 5.7 square feet allowing an easy exit or entry route for anyone that uses it. The number of Egress windows installed really does depend on how many inhabited areas you have in your house.

Seeing the prices of having an Egress window installed in your basement may seem daunting, but it doesn’t just make it legal to make it a liveable area. It also provides great ventilation and natural sunlight to flow through the basement. This isn’t just great for the room itself, but also a lot healthier for the person or people that are living in there.

Baumann Built Offers Installation Of Egress Windows In Lakewood

December 8, 2020


Lakewood Egress Window InstallationBaumann Built Offers Installation Of Egress Windows In Lakewood

Lakewood, Colorado-based Baumann Windows is pleased to announce that local homeowners may now have Egress windows installed with their help. The company offers many different brands of windows and doors, but they specialize in the installation of Egress windows.

An Egress window doubles as an emergency exit. The word ‘egress’ originates from the Latin ‘egressus,’ meaning ‘a going out.’ As such, an Egress window enables an easy and safe exit in the event of an emergency (such as a fire). In most states, an Egress window is required for any room used as a bedroom and for basements. They serve as an escape hatch when other exits are inaccessible. These windows are not defined by their shape or style. Instead, they are classified by their location and measurements.

An Egress window must be large enough to get out of a home, and they have to be easy to open and close when necessary. Some window types that function as an Egress window include casement windows, double-hung windows, skylight windows and a few other window types — as long as they follow the IRC law requirement. Egress windows are often installed in basements as a safety precaution in case of fire, with the same reasoning applying to installation of an Egress window in a bedroom.

An average Egress window falls within the price range of $1,000 to $5,000 per window. However, if one were to install an Egress casement window, one could expect a much more affordable installation. Labor costs usually average around $38 per hour for regular window types. However, installation costs will increase if one needs to have the exterior side of the Egress window exit excavated. If it already exists, the cost of a replacement window should be cheaper. The average cost to replace or install windows will always vary due to local factors. The company is proud to offer their expertise to the local community in Lakewood Colorado, giving them the opportunity to examine all their options with an expert’s advice.

If one is looking to install small Egress windows, one would have to install a casement window that is the correct size for an Egress window by IRC standards as described above. The benefit of casement windows is that they create one single opening that one can climb out of, whereas double or single hung windows tend to cut the space in half. This makes better use of a window opening and will allow a person to get a viable Egress window out of a smaller frame. The company recommends casement windows, as they can sometimes be a more affordable option for Egress window installation.

The Baumann Built company prides itself on offering their best to the local community. To quote the company’s website, “Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your current home or simply upgrading your current windows or doors for more energy efficient ones, we are here to help! Our specialty is residential projects, so give us a call today for your free estimate.” The company is certified in lead-safe practices and is eco-friendly (they recycle all the materials which can be reprocessed).

At Baumann Built, the customers are their number one focus. The company strives to not only create a professional experience but a pleasant one. The company was established in 1992 and now boasts three crews and a growing business all across Colorado. Window and door installation are their specialty, and the company takes great pride in the quality of work. The company uses products manufactured by the top companies in the industry, and their team consists of highly trained professionals. Some of the brands the company works with include Pella, Simonton, Milgard, Cascade and Egress.

The company has received many positive reviews from their customers, owing to their dedicated service. Matthew Cummins rates the company 5-Stars in a Google review, stating “Great contractor. Tom and his crews always showed up on time and worked however long it took to get the job done. Pricing was competitive, and quality turned out to be top notch. Tom installed basement replacement windows, Egress windows, cut in a sliding door in a brick exterior wall and also cut out part of a concrete wall. The guys were very cognizant of dust and were super clean. Highly recommended!”

To learn more about the company, one can visit their official website. One may also call or email the company to follow up on any further inquiries.