Are Milgard Windows Good for Lakewood, Colorado?

February 16, 2021

Are Milgard Windows Good for Lakewood, Colorado?

If you’re living in Lakewood Colorado and debating whether or not to invest in Milgard Windows, you need to read this article. Here at Baumann’s windows (Tom Baumann Enterprises inc) , we’ve had a tremendous amount of positive feedback on these windows and want to share it with you today. Throughout this article, we will be discussing why Milgard windows are so good and the different styling features they have to offer.

Are Milgard Windows Good Quality?

When installing or replacing new windows in your home, you want a window that is proven to be of excellent quality and looks fantastic. Milgard provides just that, let me explain why. This company has been apart of the window industry for around 50 years and has plenty of feedback and expertise to create some of the best windows.

In the US they’re one of the biggest manufacturers and the main provider of windows on the West Coast. They’ve proven quality after quality throughout the years and have awards to show for it. Milgard Windows have won two massive achievements, these are “Best Quality Vinyl Window” and the “Most Used Vinyl Window” awards from the Builder Magazine. They’ve managed to bag these achievements more than 9 times.

Some more reasons why our customers love them;

  • They are designed and assembled in the US for the most pristine production quality.
  • Lifetime and transferable warranty, allowing you to live stress-free and also the future house owners.
  • Their staff are trained professionals within the industry, allowing only the best windows to be made and delivered.
  • There variety, choose from an abundance of windows allow you to find the flawless design that suits you perfectly.

The window industry is lead by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), which rates the quality control of architectural manufactured goods such as windows. Milgard Windows have received a gold label for their windows, meaning that they have met the harsh requirement made by the AAMA to provide their owners with only the best windows. The AAMA tests for water penetration, structural integrity, entry resistance and air leakage.

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Styles and Materials of Milgard Windows

Apart from providing remarkable windows, Milgard offers an array of different styles and materials to suit all of your needs.

Window Styles

Single-hung – This window is commonly known as a sash window, there a simple design and can allow a huge amount of natural sunlight to enter a room. They have a simple operation, the bottom window panel can slide up and the top window panel is fixed.

Double-hung – As seen by the name, it shares some similarities to the single-hung window. However, this window offers double the amount of ventilation as both window panels will be able to tilt backwards. The double-hung is perfect for open-floor houses and living rooms.

Horizontal Sliders – This simplistic design allows both window panels to move, you’ll have the capability to move these either left or right horizontally. Due to their simple design, people love how these operate and in some cases like them more than the standard crank-style window. Another great benefit to this window is that it’s big enough to be an egress window, allowing you to put it in a bedroom while following state requirements.

Awning – An awning window is a great source of natural ventilation no matter what the weather. As it hinged at the top and swings outwards, it allows rain and falling leaves to brush off it while you still reek the benefits of having naturally flowed air. People typically use an awning window above or below a picture window, this seems to look great and a winning combination.

Casement – Casement windows are awesome and look like picture windows, but they open. It has no rail, so you’ll be able to open it as far as the hinges go. Allowing you to get maximum air circulation to a room. A perfect location for these types of windows is above a kitchen sink, over-looking your garden.

Picture Windows – I’ve mentioned these a few times now, but these are just windows that are fixed piece of glass. If you’re looking to lighten up a room with natural lighting, then using a picture window is perfect.

Specialty windows – The name gives this one away, but their specialty windows come in various shapes and sizes. These shapes are a radius, bay & bow, Jalousie and garden windows. All providing their induvial benefit and are used to light an area of a house, in style.


Milgard Windows doesn’t just offer a substantial amount of great quality windows but they also offer their customers a huge amount of materials to work from, allowing you to find your perfect window.

The first I want to mention is vinyl, vinyl is typically the most used window material and also a window type that Milgard has an award for. Their durability and low-maintenance design don’t just make this energy-efficient, but affordable to buy.

Next is fiberglass, this fiberglass was made with a Milgard’s twist making it super durable and weather resistant. The reason people love fiberglass frames is that they are easily paintable.

Another popular option which Milgard offer is their aluminum frame. They’re extremely lightweight and can certainly pack a punch. There sleek durable design makes it the perfect window frame.

Lastly, if you’re going for that classical look they also offer wood. Although the wood looks great, it does require a little more maintenance if you’re wanting it to look next level.

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You should now have a full understanding of what Milgard windows have to offer and why we and our customers love them so much. With all the window designs they have to offer in multiple different materials, it almost makes it hard not to find the perfect window.

We hope this article has narrowed down the chooses of windows Milgard has to offer and you now have a clearer perspective of what you want.

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