Are Simonton Windows Worth it in Lakewood, Colorado?

February 16, 2021

Are Simonton Windows Worth it in Lakewood, Colorado?

If you live in Lakewood, Colorado, Simonton Windows may be the best alternative to vinyl windows. We’ve found that our customers at Baumann’s Windows (Tom Baumann Enterprises inc) absolutely love the benefits that they reek from Simonton Windows and today we’re going to discuss this in further detail.

Are Simonton Windows Good Quality?

A common question that is asked, are Simonton Windows good quality? Of course, we’re are going to say they are, but let me explain why.

The company Simonton was founded back in 1946 and has been providing good quality windows since day one. In 2020 their windows were voted “Highest in overall quality” by Builders magazine, this just happens to be the sixth year they’ve been voted for this reward. 1000’s of U.S builders and contactors (including us!) prefer to use these windows in their projects. Apart from the “Highest in overall quality” reward from Builder magazine, they also have other rewards dating back yearly to 1999.

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Windows Constructed to Last – Continuously over the years, Simonton has proved that they can build long-lasting windows. Their constant production of high-quality windows has been established by many people in the US. Especially their double-hung window, this window got its own achievement back in 2017 for being the best “Quality and Performance” vinyl window by the Remodelling magazine.

Energy Star – Simonton Windows has partnered up with Energy Star to produce windows that are energy efficient. Being Energy Star regulated means that they are optimized for keeping the temperature inside the house. For instance, if it’s cold outside it’ll keep the heat in. They also have outstanding weather resistance that reduces the chances of leaking and drafts.

Great Warranty – They have a very easy warranty system, allow the customers to have full control of the situation. Even if your house had Simonton Windows before you purchased it, the original owner can transfer the warranty to your name. Most Simonton Windows have a 10 years warranty, but void warranty over any damage done by pets.

Completely customizable – Simonton Windows offers a “make your own” fully customizable window services to suit all your needs. Sometimes, their stock windows just aren’t what you’re looking for. With this feature, you’ll always be able to find good quality windows which suit your home.

Property value – You may think replacing your windows comes across as expensive. However, most of the costs can be redeemed in the increase of property value. It’s been said by the Remodelling Magazine that you’ll be able to recover 73% of the original costs due to the added value of your property.

Reduced Noise – There nothing more annoying than waking up to construction noise outside of your house, I’m sure you can agree. Simonton Windows have heavy-duty insulated glass which dramatically reduces the noise which can come through them.

UV protection – UV can damage furniture and flooring if you haven’t got the correct grade of glass. Simonton Windows are supplied with Low E glass, this glass can reduce the chances of UV rays being exposed to your furniture and floor.

Safety – Knowing that your safe inside your house is extremely important. These windows have gone through a series of expert testing to ensure that intruders won’t have an easy time trying to get it.

Types of Windows Simonton Offer

Simonton Windows offer an array of great looking windows which are suitable for all locations. If you’re looking for a specific type of window, Simonton will have it.

First is the double-hung window, this is a popular choice for all houses and business blocks. They have two moveable panels which slide up and down, this is great as it provides two areas of ventilation making them perfect for them hot summer days.

Following from the double-hung window is the single-hung window this shares similar properties to the above. However, instead of the two panels being movable you’ll have one fixed panel (normally the top one) and one moveable.

The next window type Simonton offers is their slider windows or often referred to as gliding windows. These are similar to the “hung” windows by there flipped horizontally. This window will allow you to slide two panels either left or right.

Moving onto Casement Windows, Casement windows were the earliest form of movable window. This invention allowed people to get air ventilation and heat protection from a window. Typically, you see these in most houses and they’re the type of window that has a simple lock and opens outwards.

Next are awning windows, these are great for airflow and are hinged at the top. These windows are specially designed to open outwards and are suitable for pretty much any traditional home. They’re extremely durable and energy-efficient.

A Bay or Bow Window is probably one of the more visually pleasing windows they have to offer. Windows are angled and joined to form an outwards concave. It’s typically made from three sections, two side panels which are “mini” single hung windows and a middle panel which is a fixed piece of glass.

If you’re wanting a simple window to light up a room with natural light, then their picture window is just what you’re after. This is just a straightforward piece of glass mounted in a PVC frame, they look basic but can really benefit a room by inviting more light into it. You’ll be able to choose between a variety of different colors, sizes and shapes depending on your needs.

Getting into the peculiar shapes and these are the geometric windows. We love these windows as they invite natural light into your home in an architectural way. They come in many different geometric shapes such as half-round, eyebrow, quarter-round, circle, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, oval, triangle, trapezoid and gothic.

If you’re a garden lover, you’ll enjoy their garden windows. They work great above kitchen sinks that look over your garden. They provide a small ledge on which you can put photos, flowers or décor on.


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