Baumann Built Offers Installation Of Egress Windows In Lakewood

December 8, 2020


Lakewood Egress Window InstallationBaumann Built Offers Installation Of Egress Windows In Lakewood

Lakewood, Colorado-based Baumann Windows is pleased to announce that local homeowners may now have Egress windows installed with their help. The company offers many different brands of windows and doors, but they specialize in the installation of Egress windows.

An Egress window doubles as an emergency exit. The word ‘egress’ originates from the Latin ‘egressus,’ meaning ‘a going out.’ As such, an Egress window enables an easy and safe exit in the event of an emergency (such as a fire). In most states, an Egress window is required for any room used as a bedroom and for basements. They serve as an escape hatch when other exits are inaccessible. These windows are not defined by their shape or style. Instead, they are classified by their location and measurements.

An Egress window must be large enough to get out of a home, and they have to be easy to open and close when necessary. Some window types that function as an Egress window include casement windows, double-hung windows, skylight windows and a few other window types — as long as they follow the IRC law requirement. Egress windows are often installed in basements as a safety precaution in case of fire, with the same reasoning applying to installation of an Egress window in a bedroom.

An average Egress window falls within the price range of $1,000 to $5,000 per window. However, if one were to install an Egress casement window, one could expect a much more affordable installation. Labor costs usually average around $38 per hour for regular window types. However, installation costs will increase if one needs to have the exterior side of the Egress window exit excavated. If it already exists, the cost of a replacement window should be cheaper. The average cost to replace or install windows will always vary due to local factors. The company is proud to offer their expertise to the local community in Lakewood Colorado, giving them the opportunity to examine all their options with an expert’s advice.

If one is looking to install small Egress windows, one would have to install a casement window that is the correct size for an Egress window by IRC standards as described above. The benefit of casement windows is that they create one single opening that one can climb out of, whereas double or single hung windows tend to cut the space in half. This makes better use of a window opening and will allow a person to get a viable Egress window out of a smaller frame. The company recommends casement windows, as they can sometimes be a more affordable option for Egress window installation.

The Baumann Built company prides itself on offering their best to the local community. To quote the company’s website, “Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your current home or simply upgrading your current windows or doors for more energy efficient ones, we are here to help! Our specialty is residential projects, so give us a call today for your free estimate.” The company is certified in lead-safe practices and is eco-friendly (they recycle all the materials which can be reprocessed).

At Baumann Built, the customers are their number one focus. The company strives to not only create a professional experience but a pleasant one. The company was established in 1992 and now boasts three crews and a growing business all across Colorado. Window and door installation are their specialty, and the company takes great pride in the quality of work. The company uses products manufactured by the top companies in the industry, and their team consists of highly trained professionals. Some of the brands the company works with include Pella, Simonton, Milgard, Cascade and Egress.

The company has received many positive reviews from their customers, owing to their dedicated service. Matthew Cummins rates the company 5-Stars in a Google review, stating “Great contractor. Tom and his crews always showed up on time and worked however long it took to get the job done. Pricing was competitive, and quality turned out to be top notch. Tom installed basement replacement windows, Egress windows, cut in a sliding door in a brick exterior wall and also cut out part of a concrete wall. The guys were very cognizant of dust and were super clean. Highly recommended!”

To learn more about the company, one can visit their official website. One may also call or email the company to follow up on any further inquiries.


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